Standing Desk Converter –
Stay Active

Standing Desk Converter –
Stay Active

Time and Space Saving
Boosts Performance and Productivity
Improves Health
Raises Mood and Energy Levels
Stunning Design

Style and functionality


Heavy Duty

22 lbs (10kg) load capacity

Ultra Slim

Modern stunning design

Height Adjustable

Any height from 1.3″ to 16″


Ready to go out of the box

Gas Springs

Quick, 3 seconds height adjustment
5 (1)


Square bottom ensures stability

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$ 159.97




Ergonomics matters

What people on amazon are saying:

  • By J. Ong

    Works great. Smooth up and down movement

    Been using a make shift standing desk for almost a year when I finally caved in and bought this adjustable standing desk. Works great. Smooth up and down movement. Just don't do it too quick on case your monitor(s) does not have a heavy base. I have two more monitors, keyboard and mouse with spare room for small notepad.
    By J. Ong, December 6, 2017
  • By Happy Camper

    Sturdy, Lightweight and Easy to Use

    This Sit-to-Stand is awesome at 2/3's the price of similar units. I've sold office furniture for over 20 years but it wasn't until I started sitting at a desk for extended periods of time (10+ hours) that I learned the value of ergonomics! My legs started cramping up. It's soooo important to MOVE. So this UPDEZK combined with an under-the-desk $20 mini cycle from Walmart has made all the difference. Thank you Updezk for making this affordable. The height adjustment is easy, it's sturdy, fairly lightweight compared to other models and the platform is thin but very durable. FYI - I read a couple of reviews about folks not liking the UPDEZK logo in the corner of the desk. It's kind of like a sticker and can be removed. I certainly wouldn't let this logo stop my purchase of this fantastic unit.
    By Happy Camper, December 2, 2017
  • By Olga D

    Durable and comfortable Standing desk

    Firm, durable and comfortable Standing desk. I was looking for a standing desk since I prefer working standing up. I saw the article online about standing desks and realized that buying one would be a good idea. However, we’ve changed several standing desks because none of them were comfortable - they either shifted, or took too much space in the room. Now I’m very happy with UPDEZK because: - It does not shift. The previous one could shift but Updezk holds steadily. - It does not take much space on the table. This stand up desk gives me a possibility to put some accessories on it and leaves enough room for other stuff around on the table. - It can be a sitting desk as well. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable so the idea of changing the position of the desk seems very convenient. - Gives me a chance to stay active. Sitting work might be a little bit boring but standing gives more freedom and i like it. I like the UPDEZK a lot. I will order another one for my husband’s birthday.
    By Olga D, November 30, 2017
  • By van

    Good improvement for my office I was really waiting for

    Good improvement for my office I was really waiting for a possibility to use a standing desk, and it has arrived! Here are my impressions about it. Screens and keyboard fit perfectly. I work with 2 screens and I was worried that there won’t be enough place. However, everything is fine. It is easy to adjust. I was pleasantly surprised that adjustment takes little time and the procedure is very simple. I don’t get tired from standing. Though I hardly match the characteristic of a “fit” person, standing does not distract me. I can even say that having a new challenge motivates me to work more. I am happy that I took a risk and tried something new. Updezk turned out to be a good fit for me. I love my new standing desk!
    By van, November 13, 2017
  • By Wilkins Perez

    This table is exactly what i needed.

    This table is exactly what i needed. Long hours seating in my computer desk was making the herniated disk in my lower back a lot worse. Now i can seat or stand while using my computer. It's very easy to adjust to my desire height. It seems strong enough to sustain even a small tv. It folds nicely and doesn't take much space to store away..
    By Wilkins Perez, October 29, 2017

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We are the people who believe that office is a primary place of innovation. We are also the ones who developed and brought to life one of the world’s boldest ideas - a standing desk.

We fought the myth that standing is uncomfortable and painful. Our standing desks prove the fact that it’s one of the best body positions for work so far.

We created a standing desk that comfortable that those who use it, have decreased their sitting hours to zero.

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